21 months Sober!!

This is My sober app countdown I can’t believe I’m 1 yr and 21 months sober. In 2 months I celebrate 2yrs alcohol-free. For a long time I was sober curious. I just felt stuck, unhappy, restless, and not happy on how I dealt with my stress. I didn’t deal with it in a healthy way I drank socially and on the weekends. I couldn’t wait for the weekend bc It was my excuse to drink. God spoke to me for about 7 years to lay the alcohol down and finally on September 10, 2019 I obeyed. My life has been so much more fruitful. The discipline it takes..the accountability, and the support it takes to stay alcohol free in such a alcohol driven world. It’s hard but not impossible! With God all things are possible. It’s a one day at a time process. I will keep moving forward in obedience because God is faithful!

I use the Sober Time app.

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