In the mess I’m still working.

Today I took the girls to the park. Covid has tested my faith, my commitments, and my mental health just to name a few .

It’s caused me to doubt God’s plan, goodness, timing, His word, strength and power.

This morning during my devotional time I asked Him to help me understand.

When you ask, He will show you. He shows me in creatives way because He knows my ❤️

You see this picture? Well there is a wooden bridge, underneath was a pond, in the pond is a huge excavator, lots of mud/rocks. Next to the edge in the muddy puddle floated a mom duck and her ducklings.

In my amazement the duck and ducklings continued to swim in the mud.

My daughter stood amazed at the power of the excavator and ducks. On the other side of this bridge is a park, and a walking trail that goes around a beautiful pond.

I stare at this picture because God was helping me understand that in the dirt, in the messy seasons, the uncomfortable ones. The ones were we want to give up. He is working! He is moving! He is making a way!

The excavator is Him removing the pieces that no longer serve me. The pieces that are keeping Him from creating something beautiful through me. The bridge is my journey, a testing of my faith, will I remain faithful, keep putting one foot in front of the other? Keep moving forward in holy confidence? Will I keep being obedient to what He has called me to? Faithful in the little?

Or will I settle for Plan B because this is just too hard?

Friend, let me remind you we serve a BIG GOD! Don’t settle for anything less His plan for you is GREAT! In the mess He is creating something beautiful through you. In the chaos He still provides. In the darkness, He is your light and will lead the way to your destiny! His word does not return void. He is faithful.

So be like that duck, he doesn’t need to swim bc his body posture is stable. That duck wasn’t afraid of the noise or the big scary excavator because He is confident. Confident in who He belongs to. He knows that territory belongs to Him. He knows something beautiful is coming!

Be still and know. (Psalm 146:10).

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