Commit your heart desires.

You may be frustrated with life because your not where you want to be.

Covid might have also pushed your plans further back. (Ugh, annoying)

You may be scrolling and seeing your family or friends making moves, following their dreams considering the times we are in. Friend, I know times can get discouraging.

But I want to bring you hope this morning!

God is the author of our dreams, He put every single ambition and passion in our hearts. It’s not a mistake.

He cares about our destiny. He cares about it more than we actually do.

Everything he created us to do is for his benefit. Have you ever thought about it in that way?

So if that’s true then why would he withhold our dreams from us?

The truth is if it’s His will, it will come to pass in His timing. Nothing can stop His plans for us.

Yup, friend that’s the key word. In His timing!

Trust in His timing! Embrace the process. I know that’s easier said than done but in the waiting your being refined, molded, strengthen and empowered to fulfill His Calling for your life.

Have you ever surrendered all your heard desires to Him?

Let me show you.


I surrender my marriage to you.

I surrender my parenting to you.

I surrender my business to you.

I surrender my children to you.

I surrender my heart desires to you.

I surrender my writing to you.

I surrender my creative time to you.

Have your way. I will trust in your timing. I will be patient and be faithful with what I have in front of me. I will trust in your promises for my life. I will not get weary in doing good in due time my dreams will come to pass.

I recommend making a list like this one. It helps release all the pressure, frustration and worry. Then you will have the energy to do what you’ve been entrusted with for today.

XO, Reyna Elizabeth Morris

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