You Matter.

You matter.

I felt disqualified to speak ⬆️about the injustice that is happening in our country. Out of fear that I’d be misunderstood, shamed & judged for what my ❤️ wants to express. I am thankful bc God has transformed my life so much. I was raised in a non-inclusive mentality. I was born in Mexico and adopted in the U.S. The community I lived in was prominently Hispanic & Caucasian-No African Americans around me. It wasn’t until high school that an African American male attended our school. As a little girl I have always been attracted to the black culture. ❤️ watching movies with black families I wanted to be apart of their soulful meals, their style, music, dance moves, their vibe. I don’t know why I just did. But being told “Don’t you ever date a black man, stick to your race.” Was so confusing. I grew up with a fearful ❤️. Not comfortable around other cultures. This is when the division in my ❤️ began to form. 
In college I had my first african American boyfriend. I remember he was excited to meet my family. But I told him “I’m sorry I don’t think I can take you to my hometown.” The division in my ❤️grew bigger. Fast-forward to my 30’s, It was then when I met my now husband He is African-American, but when I introduced him I would catch myself explaining “but he is mixed”. Then I remember being afraid to have black children with him. How would I educate my children about being multi-racial , how would I comb their hair.?”What if they ask me “Why don’t you look like me mom?”FF 6 years later I have 2 beautiful girls. I don’t have boys but I do have a glimpse of how much raisicim their is bc I was raised in it. People look at my girls different because their hair is curly, they look at my husband because he has a different complexion. As I’ve grown in the Lord I’ve learned We are all one! One blood- The blood of Jesus. He commands us to ❤️one another as He has Loved us. God’s ❤️ is UNITY. Where there is ❤️there is NO DIVISION. It’s time to END the generational pattern of ➗. I write today bc I regret growing up with a non-inclusive mentality.But God showed me that everything He creates matters! I pray my daughters know that! – Reyna

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