Believe in yourself first.

It was 8 months ago when I published my first devotional. It was a dream I had in my heart for 10 years. Then God began to use people to speak it into my life. That seed grew. My faith began to flourish and doubt began to diminish. I started to believe in myself. I started to believe that if God called me to it He would help me write it. And guess what?!? He did. He put all the right people in my path. They would help me with editing, accountability, and graphic design. Women helping (supporting) women. Helping them make their wildest dreams come true. I’m here at 12 am to remind someone of their calling. Im here to remind you to tend to your calling. Nurture it, tend to it, and watch it grow. But first, you must believe in yourself! Believe you can do all thing through Christ who gives you strength. Phil 4:13

P.S My 30 day devotional is available on Amazon paperback and kindle.

Give Him all your broken pieces.

Last year around this time I was writing my first devotional Dear daughter, live abundantly free.

Today I’m reflecting on these sweet promises from God.

He promises if we give Him all the broken pieces He will heal & restore us.

So have you given Him all the pieces? What pieces are you still holding on to?

And when you give Him all the broken pieces He promises to carry you, sustain you, and rescue you.

Devotional available on Amazon.
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You are deeply loved. XO

21 months Sober!!

This is My sober app countdown I can’t believe I’m 1 yr and 21 months sober. In 2 months I celebrate 2yrs alcohol-free. For a long time I was sober curious. I just felt stuck, unhappy, restless, and not happy on how I dealt with my stress. I didn’t deal with it in a healthy way I drank socially and on the weekends. I couldn’t wait for the weekend bc It was my excuse to drink. God spoke to me for about 7 years to lay the alcohol down and finally on September 10, 2019 I obeyed. My life has been so much more fruitful. The discipline it takes..the accountability, and the support it takes to stay alcohol free in such a alcohol driven world. It’s hard but not impossible! With God all things are possible. It’s a one day at a time process. I will keep moving forward in obedience because God is faithful!

I use the Sober Time app.